Monday, December 17, 2012

An Oops that Led to a Great Afternoon

Saturday the Worship Team I am on scheduled a special practice.  We are working on music for Christmas and I am really enjoying it all.  The problem is, I'd left early the Sunday before and didn't know they'd scheduled a practice that afternoon.  Naturally, people would expect that the pastor's wife would have a clue about things going on at the church.  Sometimes I do but in this case, not so much.

As far as I knew I had a free afternoon so...

I read in the paper that our local ice skating club was putting on a program.  I don't know any of the kids in the program but it seemed to me that it might be something Cordelia would enjoy. She agreed, although I doubt she even knew what to expect.  I love her enthusiasm!  

Cordelia and I had some great conversations throughout the afternoon.  For example, she likes to bring up that I am her mom's mom.  We talked about her mom living at our house then growing up and marrying her daddy. At that point she told me that her mom had told her she couldn't get married now.  I told her I thought that was a good idea since she was still a child.  She wanted to know why she couldn't get married just because she was still a child. (Trust me, that was NOT the only "why" question of the day.) When I said she couldn't get married now because then she would move to another house to live with her husband, she was quite horrified!  She informed me that she would cry and cry if she couldn't live with her mom and daddy.  She carried that thought forward, worrying that when she grew up she'd have to move out.  I told her she could just always live with her parents then and she was quite happy again. Maria and Eric, I hope you don't mind.

I had a similiar conversation with our oldest son, Ben, when he was about her age.  He wasn't asking to get married but he was quite shocked when he noted that some big kids grew up and moved away from their parents.  He said, "I will ALWAYS live with you, Momma!" He now lives more than 3,700 miles from me! I hate that but I am also proud of him for the sense of adventure he shares with our daughter-in-law, Sara.

Cordelia is so smart, it is already quite easy to carry on some pretty big conversations with her. She really seemed to have a good time. She was mesmerized by the skaters.

I was mesmerized by her.

While I am sorry that I did not show up for practice, I would not have missed the fun on this little face for anything!


Maria Rose said...

Thanks. I wasn't sure how I was going to break it to her that she is never allowed to move out.

She had such a wonderful time with you!

Susan Struck said...

Ha! Glad I could help!

Anne Marie said...

Awww, how sweet! I remember feeling that way when I was little, and Megan always said she'd live with us forever, too. I was home until I was 20. Worked and took classes at the community college. Alas, now Megan's looking toward college at UW, and we only have two and a half more years of high school left with her. Boo Hoo! Glad you had such a wonderful afternoon with Cordy.

Susan Struck said...

Anne Marie, isn't it scary how quickly they grow up?!

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