Friday, November 16, 2012

Mini Craft Sale

So, yesterday was crazy.
I woke up at 4:00 for no apparent reason.
I hate that.
I worked from 6ish until noonish.
I met the family for mall lunch.
I love that.
Mike and I visited some friends at the hospital. Get well, Allen!
I went to the bank.
I went home and slept for 10 minutes.
I went to see Maria, Elise and Cordy.
I love that.
I went back to work where we were having a little shopping get together with invited vendors right in the clinic lobby.
Wyoming Rose was one of the invited "stores".
That was fun.
Home by 8ish.
Sorted through crafts.

Today, up at 5ish for another early day at work.  Sorry.  I will try to write something more interesting tomorrow.

Here's a photo from our craft table last night.  Maybe if you have a photograph to look at you won't realize how short and sweet this post is.  No?


Maria Rose said...

Very full day!

Allen said...

Got home from the hospital at 3:30 yesterday. Thanks for the anointment and prayers by Sue and Pastor Mike. Thanks and Love to you both. I must go SHAVE.

Anne Marie said...

I'm totally exhausted reading about your day, so gotta go crawl back into bed now, and have a nap! ;o)

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