Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flash Decorating

Yesterday the Director of Nursing (DON) for our clinic became a new grandma.  She worked most of the morning but knew that her granddaughter or grandson would be born early afternoon by planned c-section.  One of the other nurses, Kelly, asked me to help her decorate the boss' office when she stepped out for a few minutes.   I was a bit perplexed when she handed me a couple of packs of Post-It Notes and told me to "Hurry!"  I caught on, though.  I'm quick that way. Others rushed in to join us.  We all quickly returned to our work stations with innocence all over our faces.

I think it turned out well, showing our great taste and classiness.  

Elegant, don't you think?

  Since the gender was as yet unknown, we chose to use a pink and blue theme.  

I expect others will be contacting us, wanting us to decorate for their parties...maybe even weddings!  Feel free to use this idea.  You could even Pin it on Pinterest to show your great sense of style!  


Michelle said...

Funny! Is your DON the type to carefully pluck off the Post-Its and re-stack them for future use, or the type who just pulls them off and drops them in the wastebasket? Or, the type to require her professional decorators to take care of cleanup?

Maria Rose said...


Pam said...

I would definitely hire you to decorate for me. :) Looks like fun. LOL,

Congratualtions to your boss.



affectioknit said...

...that's really cute!...

~Have a lovely day!

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