Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reality TV and Blogging

I really don't like most reality TV shows.  I know they aren't all bad.  I like some, such as home decorating ones.  Many of the reality television shows, however, leave me feeling very disturbed.  Do any of you feel that way?  So many of them feature people who are willing to proudly show their worst side.  I won't name any of those shows but I will say the courtroom shows may be my least favorite.  No, wait, the ones revealing the surprise paternity results...yes, I hate those!  Either kind usually end with people screaming at each other.  I hate yelling.

So, what does that have to do with blogging? Well, imagine my surprise the day I realized I was just like those people who are featured on reality television.  Well, maybe not just like them, but we definitely have two things in common:
  1. I am sometimes prerecorded.  Yep.  It's true.  I want to post a blog everyday and for the most part, I do write one post a day.  Occasionally, though, I write some posts ahead of time.  If we go on vacation, I sometimes write several posts so that I'm not worrying about it while travelling.  Often, I write a post the evening before.  This post is an example of that.  I am typing it out on Friday night after an exhausting day at work.  Do you see my feet up?  I hadn't even taken off my work shoes.  I knew I had plans for Saturday morning, so I chose to write this post ahead.  I learned how to delay the publishing time so it is quite easy to set it up to publish while I am at work, snoozing on my pillow or just having coffee with my husband.
  2. Also, like those on the reality shows, I tell things about myself but in a rather one-sided way.  The people on those shows are generally sharing their worst side.  I expect they accentuate the negative to make things more exciting.  Well, I pretty much tell the positive side of my life here.  I really do have a lovely life, but it is not all perfect.   Like a lot of people, there is a skeleton or two in my closet as well.  Like everyone, I have cranky moments.  Sometimes I talk too much.  Sometimes I can't think of anything interesting to say.  Often I feel uncertain.   

So, here's why I wanted to talk about this.  Someone was recently talking to me about an article in a local magazine, featuring a local family.  After reading the article she commented about how some families are just so perfect.  I noted that I was certain they weren't perfect but that of course they would only show their good side for the magazine.  I pondered how that nice family article seemed to make this person feel kind of bad.

I realized that I do exactly that, show my good side.  I don't plan to change that, actually.  I learned to blog from my daughter, Maria.  Her blog, Little Things are Big, is her way of focusing on all that is good around her.  I like that!  With all the struggles and challenges that we all face, I think it is refreshing to have a place to look for some good stuff.  I don't always stick with that plan but I usually do.  

I hope that I never make someone feel bad about themselves.  Know that I am not a great cook, I have been known to grump at our dog, I almost always find more interesting things to do than clean our home, I can be lazy and my life is not perfect.  It's just my life.  I don't always hit all the right notes.  Like you, I'm just doing the best I can.  That's my reality.

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