Monday, October 22, 2012

A Day Full of Joy

Last evening was so beautifully golden!  We had great family fun, playing in the leaves.  I think one of the best things about having little children around is that any of us can again choose to abandon grown-up inhibitions and just play again.  Mike is better at that than most adults.  Sometimes, watching him with our granddaughters, I just think my heart will burst with the joy of it.

Earlier yesterday I met up with a group of friends.  We all once worked together caring for oncology patients.  Most of us still live in the same town and see each other from time to time.  One friend, Pam, moved to North Dakota several years ago.  She was back in town and we were all so excited to get a chance to visit with her.  Our time together was short, but good!

I could tell you some great stories about each of these women but I will just say, I have been blessed with some remarkable friends over the years.

Did you all have a nice week-end?


Maria Rose said...

We had such a wonderful evening!

Maria Rose said...

P.S. My daughters are beeeautiful!

Sarah Purdy said...

These are some lovely pictures. Autumn really is a magical time!

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