Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Why Does Jesus Love Us?

One of my favorite things to do on a day off is to hang out with my beautiful daughter and her beautiful daughters.  We like to search for treasures at a thrift store, buy froo-froo coffees, and just cross some errands off our lists.  Often we meet Mike and Sam at the mall for lunch to top off our morning.

The mundane becomes FUN when together.

I especially love Cordelia's input.  She's such a smart little person and she freely shares her interesting opinions and insights!  She also asks many, MANY questions!

Awhile back I rode along with Maria and her little girls while Maria did a few errands.  When Maria went into one store, Cordelia and I were singing in the vehicle to entertain ourselves.  Elise chose not to join in but I think she was appreciative of our music.  We were singing "Jesus Loves Me" when Cordy stopped me to ask, "Why does Jesus love us?"  I think I said something awesome like, "I don't know, but he does."  Yes, when put on the spot, I came up a bit short with my theological explanations.  Hey!  Don't criticize me!  I'm an RN, Mike is the theologian!

Although Cordy quickly moved on (she's not yet three you know), I kind of pondered that question for awhile.  It's actually a very good question.  Why does he love us?  We're really such a mess most of the time.  We're selfish.  We hurt each other.  We lose sight of what is most important.  Yet, we're much loved in spite of all that.

So, how would you have answered Cordelia?


Maria Rose said...

I'd say, "Ask your Grandma Sue."

Emily said...

Personally, I like your response. Sometimes I don't know why Jesus loves me, but he just does. And that never changes. :)

Victoria said...

I would have told her, "He loves us because we are perfect in his eyes."

EJN said...

Great Question! In answer I'd give, "because we're His."
What a lovely outting.
Have a great week.

Susan Struck said...

Thanks! You guys are good!

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