Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Family in the Neighborhood

I turned onto our street recently and nearly ran into this new family...

We are being warned that a lot of animals have been displaced by the fire and many will be moving down toward town.  I worry about the animals; I also worry about increasing interactions between humans and animals.  We occasionally have mountain lions show up in town and I'm expecting there will be more now.  This photo was taken this week, showing a bear escaping the fire.  I am sorry I can't credit the photographer.  It came to me via Facebook but I am unsure from whom it originated.
Can you see the bear in the bottom right corner?

It's just a reminder that this situation is not only hard on the people with property up there, but also for all the animals who lived there.


Lisa said...

This fire wouldn't be related to the teen in your neighborhood would it?

Maria Rose said...

I have been worrying about those poor animals too!

Susan Struck said...

Lisa, no,I surely don't think so. The fire on the mountain is under investigation so we aren't sure if it was arson or an accident but we do know that it started when there were no storms so it wasn't lightening. So far I've only heard rumors.

Pam said...

The animals really do break my heart. Even the bear looks so pitiful doesn't he? He looks like he's panting, or crying out. Is this fire close to your home?

It is just so dry... there have been fires everywhere.
We did get a good rain yesterday and today. It was the first really good rain we have had all summer. Did you guys get any of it? I am not even sure if it came in from the south or up North where you are.

The deer are beautiful. They don't seem to hurried or worried do they?

Many Blessings,

Susan said...

Pam, thank you for your concern. The fire is a couple of miles from our home and we've not been in danger. I do know some folks who have likely lost property but they've not been able to go up to see yet. Thankfully, the brave firefighters have done a great job and it is at least 70% contained now.

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