Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learning Something New

This will  not be a long post.  I just got my first smart phone and. I fear. It is smarter. Than me.  I don't know why it is putting weird punctuation in as I type. I am not used to this virtual keyboard.

I don't quite know how to use the camera yet but this photo showed up so I'm going with it.  Truthfully I don't know why it showed up but I appreciate that it did.
I also don't know how I keep changing font sizes.

Isn't this fun?  Do you enjoy learning new technology?  I really rather do.  I promise, though, I will not always blog from my phone.
..oh, hey!  I just learned that my phone is autocorrecting my typing.  That. Is fun!  oops, weird stuff happening again!

OK, I give up..
For now.

Tell me something new you have been learning.


Allen said...

My smart phone is definatly smarter than I am.

Maria Rose said...

Ha. I am learning about community gardens.

Sarah Purdy said...

I'm learning to knit my first lace shawl. It's mind boggling but also quite satisfying.

Also, I've found that my smart phone has made blogging and photo uploads a million time easier. I hope yours will do the same for you! Good luck!

Victoria said...

I have had my iPhone for two years and I just learned 15 features new to me! I love learning!

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