Saturday, September 01, 2012

Grandma, I saw a Ghost!

Cordelia, like most children, gets to occasionally watch cartoons.  I expect that is how she heard of ghosts.   Wherever she heard of ghosts, she  became a bit fascinated with the idea of them.   When a person is two-almost-three years old, fantasy and reality really blur together often so it isn't surprising that Cordelia is sometimes pretty sure there are ghosts around.

One Sunday, after church service, we were all standing around in our church while we visited with each other.  Cordelia was pretty wound up and was dancing and running around, having a happy time.  All of a sudden she ran up to me and declared, "Grandma, I saw a Ghost!"  THIS time I was quite pleased with myself for my prompt response.  I told her maybe it was the Holy Ghost!

After thinking about it awhile, Cordy asked me what she should say to the Holy Ghost if she saw him again.  I told her she should say, "Hi!"  OK, that may have been weird but I assured her the Holy Ghost is kind and good and watched out for her.  She then asked me what she should call him.  I suggested, "Holy".  That wasn't very creative I guess.

We don't talk about the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit is my preference) much.  We are told that the Holy Spirit is given to us as our helper while we are still here on Earth.  I wonder why we don't remember to seek help and comfort more often from the Holy Spirit.  Do you think of the Holy Spirit much?


Michelle said...

I wonder what she thought that she identified as a ghost?

Michelle said...

OK, let me try again. My brain was moving faster than my fingers!

I wonder what she saw that she identified as a ghost?

Emily said...

I was wondering the same thing as Michelle! In response to your question, I just finished a year long Bible Study on The Acts of the Apostles which starts at Pentecost. I learned so much about the Holy Spirit during this year-- it was very interesting!

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