Monday, September 10, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

Well, I've no more neighborhood fires to report but last evening, standing out on my deck, I was looking at this cloud.  I had kind of a dirty look.  That wouldn't be strange on a stormy day but yesterday was a clear day.

I moved to get a different view and then I knew; there's fire on the mountain!

I went for a little drive and took this photo.

We had a fire on our mountain a few years ago.  It was close enough to drop ashes in our yard and we could see the flames from our home.  This one is further away and the wind is not likely to bring it anywhere near us.  There are homes and cabins up there, though. 

Once again, I am so grateful to those who fight fire!  The slurry bombers were already at work.  The helicopter was making drops as well.  Again, just so grateful.


Anne Marie said...

Awful. Flying between Gillette and Denver over the past few days, our land was dry and brown, not a speck of green, for as far as the eye could see. It was heartbreaking. Praying that this draught will turn around.

Maria Rose said...

Last night we could see an orange glow on the ridge!

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