Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fun With the Rellys

We've been soooooo busy the last few days, but it's busy in a good way.  We've been visiting with relatives, going on picnics and just having a good time.  Here, let me show you...

This first picture is Mike and Cordelia crossing the river in a covered wagon.
OR, it may be a replica set up at an interpretive center.

The interpretative center had fun things for Cordelia to enjoy.
She kept taking the pieces of the kid displays and putting them in better order.
She prefers her cows and things to be in lines or rows, rather than just milling about.

Eric had the day off and was able to picnic and play with us as well.

You won't believe this but this is one of Mike's sisters...Elise's great-aunt, Sue. 
She looks the same as when I met her about 37 years ago!
How does that work?

Cordelia was like an energizer bunny, running and playing.
She's pretty outgoing. 
At the park she saw some older girls
and chased after them saying,
"Hi!  It's me, Cordelia!"

Eventually, though, I think we wore  her out!
She told me she was just going to sleep right there on the bridge.

We don't have all our family here this week but we've got a 
good-sized group, representing multiple states.  
We're so grateful for family!

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Maria Rose said...

Such a great family we have

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