Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't Bug Me!

Do you know what you are looking at in this photo?

It's bugs!  Mostly little flying gnat type bugs!

When we were in Minnesota last week we encountered a few swarms of bugs one night.  We had just returned to our hotel and the first entrance we went to was so covered with bugs we rerouted to the front entrance.  The lights were higher up so the bugs were not quite so in our face but there were so many still!  I'd never seen anything like it so of course I had to run in to get my camera.

I was shooting away, impressing myself with how cool they looked in the photos.

At some point I became aware that they were coming down toward me.  
When I returned inside, Mike was trying to pick them out of my hair!

We mentioned it to the lady at the front desk who didn't seem too concerned, probably 
thinking we were over reacting.  She did, however, go toward the door to look.
I was so creeped out I hurried to our room and showered but as we were leaving the lobby we heard the front desk lady making horrified exclamations about what she saw.
That made me smile.
Is that mean?

I'm not sure you quite have the feel of how horrible 
it really was so let me leave you
with some close up photos.

Cool and yucky all at the same time, huh?

I think I have to go shower again!


Maria Rose said...


affectioknit said...

eeeuuuwww is right!

~Have a lovely day!

elizabeth said...

where in minnesota?

we don't leave our outside light on much for that very reason. :)

Susan said...

elizabeth, we were in Golden Valley when I took those photos. It was surreeal!

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