Saturday, August 04, 2012

Another Good-Bye

After work yesterday I ran to the mall for a brief errand.  As I was walking in, I thought I saw a man I knew.  While I was looking toward him, I suddenly realized that the man I thought he was had actually died a couple of years ago.  Does that ever happen to you, where you feel happy thinking you are approaching an old friend, only to realize it couldn't be them because they are gone?  It happens to me quite a lot.

Through family, church and from my years as a nurse I have known a lot of people.  I don't know how many I've known who are now dead, but the number is pretty high.  The mall was full of people.  I wondered if I'd known an equal number of people who have died.  Maybe.

These are kind of mournful thoughts, I know.  Or are they?  Yes, I miss some of those people a lot.  I wish I could see them again and have a thoughtful conversation with them.   I miss the voice of my friend and patient, Sara.  I miss hearing my Grandma discuss politicians.  I miss seeing Mary in her pew at church.  There are so many people to miss!

I was wondering if I'd bring them back if I had the power to do so and realized I would not.   That would be too mean.  I miss them but I am confident they are having glorious experiences right now.  I am also confident that I will see them again.

Today at church Mike did a memorial service for a charming man.  He was well-loved and will be sadly misssed.  It makes me sad that he is not here, but at the same time, happy for him

Mike's sermon was from a verse in Ecclesiastes.  He spoke of a time and a season for things....a time to be born, a time to die.  Today is the time for sadness and support for those left behind, but it is the season of pure joy for the one who has gone on.

How do people handle death when they do not have this confidence in eternal life?  That is what I am wondering today.


Lisa said...

They see it as finality. No Heaven, no Hell. The spirit just ceases to exist. The person lives on in the memories of those who knew least until there is no one alive that remembers them. And then in the genetic code of their decedents, if they have any. Pretty hopeless way of viewing death if you ask me. I have been through the tunnel and into the light a couple of times. I'm rather looking forward to what is there. You are right. You shouldn't want to call them back.

Maria Rose said...

Having faith is such a gift.

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