Monday, July 02, 2012

A Word From Pastor Mike: Top 10 Reasons to Worship Weekly

Yesterday Mike began his sermon with the "Top 10 Reasons of Why You Should Worship Weekly."  I thought you might enjoy them.

10)    Going to Worship is better than listening to someone scrape their fingernails on a blackboard.

 9)     People who worship have fewer cavities than people who don't brush at all.

 8)     Worship promotes weight loss.  No big meals - only low calorie bread and wine served at      communion.

 7)     Worship provides aerobic routines for you... stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down...

 6)     Worship provides another place for you to sing other than the shower.

 5)     People who worship cut down their exposure to dangerous ultra violet rays.

 4)     Baptism provides the side benefit of clean hair.

 3)     Candle lighting at worship provides a safe environment for your children to play with fire.

 2)     Worship exposes you to some of the nicest people and the greatest sinners.  Have fun by guessing who's who.

 1)     People who worship receive free grace, unconditional love, and a great retirement plan.

Yes, most of it was tongue in cheek.  That last one is a kicker, though, don't you think?

Mike's sermon spoke of God's ability to change and transform lives.  He spoke of Jesus welcoming imperfect people.  He spoke of how he strengthens the faithful, forgives the sinner, gives hope to the hopeless and changes stubborn minds.  I think most of us need to hear these words.


Anne Marie said...

Very clever! :o)

Michelle said...

Loved it. Go, Mike!

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