Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thanks for the Genetics!

Isn't genetics weird?  
I look at our new grandaughter and marvel that in a way, she is 1/4 me.
She  is 1/4 Mike.
She is 1/8 Mike's Mom, Carol.
She is also genetically linked to a bunch of other people on Eric's side of the family!
A new child represents bits and pieces of two families genetically linked.
That is a strange but wonderful concept to me!

Elise and Cordelia are also genetically 1/8 my Mom. 
Today  is my beautiful Mom's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mom!

I was hoping that Elise would be born on Grandma Grace's birthday but she got in a bit of a hurry.

My Mom represents all that is great about motherhood.
She is warm, caring, protective and kind.
She is also compassionate, creative and really quite beautiful.

Another thing I know for certain about my Mom is that she is wishing she were here to 
hold that new little great-grandchild! 
Soon, Mom!

In the meantime, the following pictorial review of our beautifully exhausting
week is presented here today, especially for my Mom. 
We are all so very glad to be genetically
linked to you!


Maria Rose said...

Happy birthday Grandma Grace!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing all these photos. Love seeing my niece (Sue), grandniece (Maria), and great-grandnieces Cordelia and Elise! So precious.

Trisha said...

Beautiful, and many congratulations!!

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh my pictures are wonderful.
happy birthday top your Mom....

Susan Struck said...


Mom and Michelle, I can't wait to have you visit!

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