Monday, June 04, 2012

My Mom's Retreat Center

Bode was up waaaaaaay too early this morning.  I think he was having some tummy trouble but I think he is fine now.  Although I had my alarm set for 5:45 today, he had me up long before that.  I am not pleased, but it did give me plenty of time to work on my post, huh?

Have I mentioned how amazing my mother is?

My Mom bought an empty lot several years ago with the intention of having a house moved to it.  While she waited for her house, though, she had a playhouse from her old property moved there.  Sometimes she'd go over in the evening and sit outside her little playhouse for awhile, likely planning how to turn an empty piece of prairie into a park-like yard.  The thing that makes me laugh is that little kids in the neighborhood thought that little playhouse was her home!

Mom is an artist and can make a beautiful home out of just about anything.  I know this because I've seen her do it over and over again.  This little playhouse was originally built for grandkids but Mom went way above and beyond with it.  The interior is decorated beautifully!

It even has a porch!

Cordelia, like all the grandkids and great-grandkids, was entranced by it.  She loved going out to the little house with my Mom.  I loved looking around Mom's yard.

This is just a shed, but she made it so cute!

She's sprinkled such sweet touches around her yard. 

 Really, in just a few years she made this out of a dry chunk of prairie on the 
edge of a very ordinary neighborhood. 

I do not have the green thumb so I am constantly amazed by her!

 Beautiful, isn't it?

For the record, her real house is beautiful as well, but she still likes to sit out by the little house.

It's her own little retreat center.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, the two photos where Cordelia is wearing the pink tutu were taken last year.)


Maria Rose said...

She is such an inspiration! I love that she just overflows with creativity!

EJN said...

How absolutely lovely. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?
Love to you,

Niqui said...

So very lovely

lotsa love xx

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