Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lord I Lift Your Name on High

I love to sing.  I love to hum.  I do it a lot.  As I clean, as I drive... I'm sure that is not unusual.  Music has a lot of power!  It has so much power, I've decided to be careful what music I listen to as it influences me so much.  Several years ago I decided to keep the radio in my car set on KLOVE.  Why?  Well, they refer to their music as being "positive and encouraging".  Hey!  That's what I want to be!  I learned that if I listened to that on my way to work, I was able to maintain a positive and encouraging attitude a bit more throughout the day.
I am also on our Worship Team at church.  I enjoy that a lot!  

(stock photo from 123rf.com)

OK, that photo may not be of me but I'm pretty sure I look kind of like that when I sing...except I am older...and I would not wear sunglasses in church...and my microphone is on a stand which I am scared to approach... I don't usually wear a hat because I think my head is already kind of large... and the wind machine is not ever on me when I sing... there may be a few other differences as well.   OK, I'm no more than an average singer, I'm middle-aged and I generally sing standing very still with my hands to my side.  Even clapping when singing is difficult for me.  Other than that, I pretty much look like this person.

Seriously now...

Music has come naturally to me when helping a really frightened patient.  Whether starting an IV or wiping a bottom, humming lightens the moment.  Maybe it just lightens my mood but I think it helps the patient focus on something besides the task at hand as well.

I was once called to the side of a young adult patient nearing the end of her life.  She was conscious and uneasy.  She'd previously told me she was a Christian so with her permission I prayed for her.   Then, knowing she had been active in her congregation, I asked if she wanted me to sing to her to help her relax.  She said that she did.  I started singing Amazing Grace  then moved on to the The Old Rugged Cross.  She listened politely but I didn't feel it was calming her that much.  Then, I decided to sing Jesus Loves Me.  Even though she could only barely make sounds, she started to sing along!  I kept singing but tears were rolling down my face.  She looked and sounded so beautiful to me.  

I thought she fell asleep at the end of that song so I sat quietly by her side for a bit.  When I was about to leave she opened her eyes and whispered a question.  I had to ask her to repeat it several times but finally realized she was asking if I knew the song, Lord, I Lift Your Name on High.  I was so happy because it is a song our worship team sings so I knew all the words.   We sang that song over and over and over with her voice only a whisper and mine choked with tears.  The quality of our voices did not matter.  Finally, she was tired and able to rest.  I left quietly, fully aware that I'd just been allowed to be part of something truly beautiful.  

Maybe I will have the opportunity to sing with her someday in heaven when we will have strong, pure voices.

To hear a sample of the song that meant so much to her, click here.

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