Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Get Well Mr. Wiggles!

Bode spent the  night at the doggy hospital.  He's got some kind of infection and he needed fluids as well as antibiotics.  I am hoping he gets to come home today.  Is it weird that I prayed that he wouldn't be too scared?

I have to say that our house was rather quiet last night.  No one wiggled at the top of the stairs when I came home.  Of course, we also didn't have to set something heavy on the lid to the garbage just to keep him from "snacking".  We didn't have to put the baby gate at the stairs to keep him from running downstairs to chase the cats either.  Nevertheless, I missed him, the big dumb goof.

I took this picture recently, on a day when he was feeling better.  He'd just pulled one of his naughty tricks of dragging his bedding out of his kennel.  I wouldn't mind but when he does that he then chews on it.  Oddly, he never chews on it within the kennel.

Just look at that face, though.

Doesn't he look guilty?

Feel better, Mr. Wiggles.


Maria Rose said...

Poor Mr. Wiggles. Cordelia has been asking about him and his well-being.

Michelle said...

I figure that if God gave us the ability to love animals, he would expect us to pray for them! Mankind being made in God's image, I believe that our Creator also cares about the animals. Not even a sparrow falls without his notice! He may not interfere without our asking.

Emily said...

Poor Bode! Hope you have him home soon.

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