Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celia's Link to My Grandaughters

I am getting excited!  Maria and Eric will be welcoming their new daughter next month!  That little baby is quite definitely HERE now.  Maria is looking "full of life" and she's at the point where we can even see when that new little grandaughter has the hiccups!

When we were waiting for Cordelia's birth I remember feeling like my arms just needed to hold her, just as I felt as I waited for the births of my own babies.  I'm starting to get that feeling again!

One of the things I did before Cordelia was born was that I chose a piece of my jewelry that would someday be her's.  I know that seems rather premature but my plan was to be wearing it in photos taken the day she was born.  I'm particularly proud of that idea.  I chose a cross ring given to me by my friend, Celia.  I wear it often and I hope that for Cordy it is something she will remember having seen on me. For some reason the photo cuts off the bottom but trust me, I was wearing the ring in this photo.

For this new little person I want to do the same thing, only different.  I want both girls to feel special and to know they are individually precious.  I am narrowing it down.  I am thinking about a cross necklace, also from Celia, that I will give to this new baby.  

I didn't know it at the time of Cordelia's birth but there is another link to this tradition.  When Cordy was about a year and a half old, Maria and Eric purchased the house where my friend, Celia, grew up!  So, those girls will always have a link to Celia as well.  Cool, huh?


Maria Rose said...

When we bought the house Celia, who was raised with her sister in our house, said something like, "Maybe someday you will have another little girl and this happy home will have two more girls raised in it."

Victoria said...

What a lovely idea. What a blessing to be so near each other.

AKM said...

I love this idea!

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