Monday, June 18, 2012

Butterfly Release

Last week the hospice where I work held a kid's camp for children who had experienced a loss.  On their last day they invited others to join them for a butterfly release.  I thought Cordelia would enjoy that so Maria and Eric brought her.

Cordy came appropriately dressed, wearing a butterfly dress.  She waited politely for her butterfly.

I suppose I expected the butterflies to be in some big container and all be released at once.  As it turns out, they are shipped in individual little packages.  I was told later that they are sent chilled but kind of wake up as they warm up.  I didn't verify that but it seems like it could be true.  All I know is they handed out little triangular shaped boxes to each of us.  I could feel mine fluttering.

A lady gave a sweetly worded reading and let us know that as those kids were releasing their butterflies it was to signify them releasing their deceased loved one, or at least releasing the pain.  I don't think Cordy really got that part but it helped me understand why they were doing this.

I hadn't brought my camera so used my cell phone to capture the experience.  It kind of looks like Cordelia was holding the butterfly but she just had her hand up as the butterfly flew off past it.

They butterflies were beautiful.  It is just amazing to me, all the detail that goes into the beauty of their wings.

Have you ever been to a butterfly release?  

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

what a sweet idea!
i had never heard of such a thing - but it seems a lovely symbol.

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