Friday, June 22, 2012

Ben, Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Some of you may look at this photo and just see a smiling, handsome guy.
Some of you may know you are looking at a very intelligent young man 
who already has made an impression on the banking world.
Some of you may know this young man recently followed through 
on his dreamof starting his own investment advising business.
Some of you know him as a fun and loyal friend.
One of you knows him as a kind and caring husband.
One of you knows him as the lovable little brother you fiercely protected.
One of you knows him as the big brother who spent hours teaching you
how to play Nintendo, beginning when you were too young to sit up.
One of you knows him as the son who loved for you to push him higher and higher
and give him "underdogs" on the swing.
One of you knows him as the little grandson who snuggled with you
while you read "Jerome" to him...and  continued the custom
even when he was in high school.
One of you knows him as the grandson who lived nearby
and came to enjoy time with you many Sunday afternoons.

I know him as the little baby I first held in my arms 27 years ago today.
I know him as the little guy who climbed my Grandma's plant stand at the grand old
age of 8 months old and has been climbing things ever since.
I know him as the sweet boy who said, "I will always live with you, Mama!"
I know him as the 16 year old boy who still said, "I love you, Mom" in front of his friends.
I know him as the college student who came home because he
worried about his little brother being lonely.
I know him as the college student who met the love of his life
and proudly brought her home to meet the family.
I know him as someone strong enough to follow his dream.
I know him as a man of integrity.

I know him and I love him.


Maria Rose said...

I love him too!

Emily said...

What a beautiful tribute to your oldest son. I hope when my Lucas is sixteen he still tells me he loves me in front of his friends. :)

AKM said...

Happy birthday to Ben!

Oh my gosh, my brother Patrick was also a climber (and is still constantly on the move) and ALSO said that he would always live with Mom! (He had it all worked out. He told her that he and his wife could sleep in his room, and his kids could sleep in the basement and play with all of his old toys.) Patrick also has a June birthday and he and Ben are only a year apart! Cool! :-)

Mom said...

And don't forget when he climbed on top of the library. If they didn't want kids up there why did they leave some of the bricks sticking out like that? Speaking of the library also reminds me again of the Three Robbers movie and the close snuggles necessary to watch it.

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