Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Day 1

I am not always that great at coming up with good gift ideas.  I procrastinate and frustrate myself.  However, I have received some really wonderful gifts from my children over the years for Mother's Day as well as birthdays and Christmas.  I have three children so for the next three days I am going to tell you of some ways they have gifted me.

Sam is our youngest, turning 19 this Summer.  He has always been a sensitive kid.  Even as a preschooler he was a child who quietly watched people, really noticing them.  I know that he paid attention to me because at a really young age he noticed how much I enjoyed wearing cross necklaces.  So, he often finds pretty ones to give me.   Paying attention to what is important to another, rather than giving a gift that YOU'd like, is a sign of thoughtful gift-giving.   I think that's always a way to make a person feel noticed and loved.

When I wear cross necklaces it helps remind me of God's son, as well as one of my own.  

So, if you are stalled out on ideas for your Mom, think about what she really likes.  Does she like to sew?  How about starting a charm bracelet with a charm of a sewing machine?  Does she love the color green?  Maybe she needs a new green scarf.  Is she a walker or runner?  Maybe a gift card to her favorite shoe store.  I don't think mothers are wanting lavish gifts, just gifts that show you notice her as a person.  Lucky for me, my children are really good at that.
And now, I want to apologize to Darla Q.  When I did my tutorial/giveaway I said that I'd count Facebook entries as well, since some folks add their comments there.  Well, I think Darla was actually the very first to enter.  I knew it...time passed... I forgot.  I'm sorry Darla!  Send me your address and I will send to you another gift, these earrings that I made...

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