Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Just a Phase

When Maria was a 3rd grader she and I were visiting at the home of one of my friends.  My friend had a teen-age daughter who was being quite mouthy toward her mother while we were present.  Maria was quite horrified by it all.  I suppose I was a bit astonished by it as well.

On our way home from my friend's house Maria was talking about the girl and how she treated her mother.  I spoke about how teenagers go through a rough time sometimes  Maria responded, "I hope I NEVER talk to you like that."  Then she went on to say, "But if I do, will you remember that it is just a phase I'm going through?"  I laughed and said that I would.  When she was a teenager it was sometimes hard but I always remembered the little 3rd grade version of herself, imploring me to remember she was just in a phase.


Maria Rose said...

Ha ha and my teenage self LOVED when you would remind me of that story. Now I am so happy you did, I think I always knew I would get back to being myself and your reminder kept me anchored during that weird time.

Emily said...

What a great story! I cringe at my teenage attitude, but then remember that I too came around. :)

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