Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy Birthday to the World's Greatest Son-in-Law!

Dear Eric,

I hope your day is awesome!  You deserve it.

As parents, Mike & I could not have been more pleased with our daughter's choice of husband.  You are a hard worker, a supportive spouse and a terrific father.  Those things alone make us so happy!

You go beyond all that, though.  You are interesting, talented and always up for learning something new.  

I don't want to insult you but the truth is, you fit in well with our crazy family!  You have your own brand of silly that just adds to the fun.

We adore you and are glad to count you as family!

Sue and Mike (but of course Mike didn't write this...too sappy for him.  He feels it, though.)


Trisha said...

What good words to give to your son-in-law!

AKM said...

Happy belated birthday to Eric!

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