Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mike's Birthday in our Rear View Mirror

We had a BUSY Friday but I think we got Mike pretty well celebrated.  He was treated to cake/cupcakes on 3 different occasions by different folks.  That was fun and he was very sweeeeeet by the end of the day!

First, some kind ladies brought cake and strawberries to a morning coffee at church.  Maria, Cordy and I joined in.  While there, Mike and Cordy got in a quick game of golf.  Yes, Mike is golfing in his office using a Shepherd's Staff.  That doesn't seem right, does it?  The worrisome thing is, he looked like he'd done it before.  Hmmmm.... well, a lot of people wonder what pastors do all week.

Mike had a lunch committee meeting and there he was treated to a birthday cake as well.  He's sure spoiled!

Late afternoon we had visitors to our house.  Cordy had been planning Mike's cupcakes for awhile.  She was disappointed to learn her Momma wasn't going to let her make them pink, but she managed to get into the fun even if they were blue.  She told us she helped make them and I believe her, even though Maria claims Cordy's "help" was to lick things.  No matter what, they were YUMMY vegan cupcakes!

I just noticed that Eric and Cordelia both folded their hands while we sang "Happy Birthday".  Interesting...

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at a Chinese Restaurant and later went to listen to music at a local coffee shop.   It was especially fun because the band that night, The Blots, features Eric (son-in-law) on the drums as well as vocals.  It was fun watching him!  He's very, very good and we all enjoyed ourselves.  Cordy did some fun head-bobbing and a little dancing.  She was pretty proud of her Daddy.  She doesn't say he's a "member of the band".  She says he's a "bander".  That makes sense to me.

Did anybody else do anything fun Friday night?


Allen said...

Friday Night is DATE night at our house, a meal out and any shopping we need to do for the week. What a great husband, father, and grandfather you have.

Maria Rose said...

My day and night were eerily similar to yours...

AKM said...

My Friday nights often involve karaoke! My friends and I are working on a contest that is attendance-based and not talent-based, so it'll be a while before I WIN! Heheheheh.

That picture of Cordelia and Eric with their hands folded is pricesless.

I'm famous in my family for always making/wanting blue frosting. When I was a kid, I made little cakes in my Easy-Bake Oven and took them to the neighbors. And the frosting was ALWAYS dyed blue. I love blue! :-)

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