Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's the Buzz All About?

We have a quirky little neighbor over our back fence.  By little, a mean a child.  He's a funny little guy for sure!

Our yards are divided by a 6 foot fence.  That doesn't make for very good conversation time between neighbors but that little boy manages to make his presence known.  For some reason, he likes to throw his things over the fence.  Last Summer I'd find all sorts of toy and even some things that weren't toys.  One day I went out back and saw a big rake that I did not recognize.

At first, I'd call over the fence to his Mom about the treasures before tossing them back.  Now, I just toss them.  It had all stopped over the Winter and I would've guessed the little boy would be over this by now but I was wrong.  Bode recently showed up at the back door all A-Buzz.  Yes, he had Buzz Lightyear in his mouth!  When I investigated further I found Woody in the lawn.  I set them on the fence for a photo op before throwing them back.

Don't you just love it when neighbors drop by?


Allen said...

I have an alley in my back yard. No toys in my garage, just mud!

Tina said...

Love when your neighbors drop by? Good one!

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