Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thank you for Inviting Me!

Earlier this week Maria invited me to join Cordelia and her at the local library for story time.  I've done this before but it has been awhile.

Story Time at our library is interactive.  There is jumping and dancing and clapping and lots of fun.  Previously, Cordelia just watched as all those other children participated.  Well, things have changed!

When I arrived, the girls were waiting for me just inside the door.  Cordelia hugged me and excitedly said, "Thank you for inviting me!"  She had that a bit backwards but I got the idea.  She then took my hand to lead me to the children's library section and said, "We will keep you safe!"  AAaaaaaahhh....

Here she is, watching with her Momma as the story lady gets things set up.

She really loved the dancing the best.

Her cute little boots were rarely still but I managed one shot between all the kicks and bounces.

 She really liked the hands on her hips movement that day.

Sometimes she just needed a moment with Momma.  She also had to keep checking on Momma's purse.  Apparently the little toddler next to them looked suspicious and Cordelia wasn't confident that Maria would guard her own purse.  Cordy finally had to pick it up and move it between me and Maria so she could relax.

 I think maybe her shy days are behind her!

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Maria Rose said...

She is definitely turning out to be pretty extroverted, though there are times when she leans into me and says, "I'm feeling kinda shy."

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