Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Afternoon in Buffalo

Yesterday was lovely.  The weather was beautiful, absolutely wonderful.  I drove to Buffalo, Wyoming to meet up with my Mom, an aunt and a cousin.   We met for lunch and then went to visit my great aunt.  It was an afternoon of hearing old, old family stories.  I loved hearing about my grandparents' romance, "Red was crazy about Rose from the first time he saw her."  Although they'd both been planning to marry others, they married just 2 months after they met.  

I heard about my great grandma's strength as a homesteader, "She was amazing".  She raised her children so far out in the country most of them did not see town until they were old enough to go in to board for their high school years.

I looked at old photos and could easily see my youngest son, Sam, in the young face of the man who became my Grandpa.  That made me happy.

My great aunt. Elsie is in her 90's but still living alone.  She looks a lot like my Grandma Rose... so much it made me a bit teary, missing my Grandma.  She had the same dimple I loved seeing when my Grandma smiled.  I always wished I'd inherited that dimple!

 I enjoyed the chance to get to spend an afternoon at her apartment.  I loved listening to the conversation and was so glad for that opportunity!  I did remember to pull out my camera for a photo of Elsie but she didn't feel she was looking her best so I promised I wouldn't put it on the internet.  I will tell you this, though, she looks much younger than her true age.

I have always loved Buffalo, Wyoming.  The drive there was windy but clear and bright.  The scenery was fit for calendars and the town is charming.  I took some photos so my readers could enjoy a bit of the beauty of this lonesome state.  Enjoy!

On the ride to Buffalo I was thinking about all the places in the world that I'd like to visit.  I LOVE the ocean, I enjoy tropical places, I want to see Alaska and I'd love to explore more cities.  As far as where I live, though, I love the West.  I love the open spaces and I love the casual lifestyle. I'm pretty adaptable and could live most anywhere, really, but I'm grateful that I do life in the West.


Maria Rose said...

I am glad you had such a great day!

Eric always teases me for being obsessed with the West...I see where I get it from.

Anne Marie said...

Yes, yesterday in Buffalo was amazing! Elsie being so much like Grandma really gave my heart a squeeze, too. They are so alike in many ways...just having that familiarity present was comforting yet unsettling at the same time. I love that she shared her dreams about Grandma's nearness to her. The kind of closeness they shared for over 90 years is very touching.

Emily said...

Lovely photos! We are having a beautiful stretch of weather here too. Feel free to come and visit! :)

Linda said...

Just listened to this worship song and happened to think of you (because of your blog title..) So beautiful this song, but also so challenging :-)

Lovely photos, btw, I often read your blog, but don't leave comments often. Have a great day!

Susan said...

Thanks for the comments. Emily, how sweet of you. It could happen!

Linda, nice to hear from you. I am so grateful that you sent me the link to that song. That is EXACTLY how I wish to live! I keep fighting myself, though. I still struggle with giving up that control. I check your blog now and then still but you've not been blogging for awhile. Let me know if you pick it back up as I always enjoyed your's as well. I

Anonymous said...

I have always been fascinated by homesteaders! How cool that your grandmother raised her children that way!

EJN said...

I am glad you all had a wonderful day - far be it from me to say anywhere is AS beautiful as Home. It is lovely and I can just imagine driving to Buffalo again, we used to go there to watch my cousins box. The boxing skipped over me and hit my daughter, yikes. Thanks for the pix of home - I ALWAYS love them.
Love to you,

Susan said...

EJN, I'm glad to oblige! Wyoming really does have a lot of beauty to offer.

Theresa, It really amazes me. It is hard for me to believe they survived those early years, 50+ miles from town. They really had to work hard to scratch out a living but they managed to have fun as well.

Susan said...

This comment came from Victoria at " Inspiring! I hope I am living in my own home at 90!!"

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