Friday, February 17, 2012

The Small and the Tall of It

Recently I was riding in the car with Sam and we passed a middle school just after dismissal.  Sam was looking at all those kids and asked, "Was I ever really that small?"  Sam is probably 6'3" now, maybe more but he doesn't want me to measure him.  At any rate, he's tall!

(Photo by E.K. Wimmer)

But the answer, Sam, is yes.  You were as small as those kids and even smaller. 

I still remember.

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Maria Rose said...

Me too!

momto8 said... too! they actually get big way too fast, don't you think?!

cpcable said...

Oh! It's hard to believe that they could ever get so BIG! I don't doubt that you remember and that you'll never forget. :)

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