Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How to Play Sparkle

Attention Grandma Grace and Grandma Carol, you are going to be happy to see lots of Cordy pictures!  You're welcome.

Yesterday Cordelia spent the morning with me.  I can't think of a better way to spend a morning!

Cordelia asked to play Sparkle.  Cordy doesn't say "f''s" but instead substitutes "sp".  Sparkle is actually Farkle.  Do you know it?  I doubt you've played it quite the way she does.  It is a fun dice game that we used to play together on Family Game Night quite a lot before Cordy was born.  She, however, plays it a bit differently.

First, she gets all the dice out.  It is important to make sure you got them all.

Then it is time to count each of the spots.

Bode showed some interest in joining her... she had to read the directions to him.

Bode never really caught on but luckily Grandpa came by to play with her.  Everything is more fun with Grandpa!

It turns out that the lid makes a great boat for the dice to ride in as well as a twirly spinning toy.

(I am sorry about the red-eye but my every attempt at correcting them made her look totally freaky.  I am not skilled in this task.)

It seems the winner then gets to stack the dice into a sweet little tower.

Grandpa had to go to work but Cordelia and I carried on.  We had snacks.  We watched Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix and Cordy helped me crochet dishcloths.

Bode wanted to help as well.  It was memorable.

I have many joyful moments in my life and much for which I am grateful.  Mornings like this are better than jewels to me.

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Maria Rose said...

She LOVES those times as well!

Emily said...

"Sparkle" looks like a lot of fun!

AKM said...

What a fun time! I like, I mean Sparkle! ;-)

Petra said...

My grand-cuties are coming this weekend. Can't wait! Glad to see you spending such a sweet sparkle time with your cutie! Blessings!

Anna said...

Too cute!

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