Friday, February 03, 2012

The Floral Rhino

This week Maria and I delivered our first order to a store.  It was an awesome feeling!

It was Maria's idea to approach the owner of a new store in town, asking if she'd be interested in some of the items we make for our Wyoming Rose Boutique.  We took in some samples and she was very interested.  In fact, she placed an order for 30 items from us, which we delivered Monday.

If you are local, please check out the Floral Rhino (cool name, huh).  It is on Center Street, just a bit South of the theater.  It is a very fun shop!  She already has a lot of interesting things in there and it is great fun even if you are just browsing.  She has jewelry, bags, cards, purses, pillows, camera cases, scarves and much more.  I saw a book titled, I Was a Great Mom Until I Had Kids.  Plus, now she has some things such as this

and this

She is also carrying pins (broaches) and hair clips that Maria sculpted from polymer clay.  They are beautiful works of art!

I browsed around and found a fun little purchase.  I'd been wanting to get a special plate for Cordelia to use when she is at our house and I found just the thing...

So, if you live nearby and want a uniquely cool place to look for gifts or something special for yourself, stop in and tell her Wyoming Rose sent you!  If you don't live nearby, of course, you are always welcome to click on any one of the photos in the top right corner of this blog and it will zip you right to our online shop.  Browsers are welcome there as well!


Maria Rose said...

So cool to see our stuff in a store!

Kate W. said...

How fun!! I will have to check out the Floral Rhino next time I'm in town! Congratulations ladies! :)

Pam Brewer said...

I love that title: I Was A Great Mom Until I Had Kids. So true. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday! (When are you EVER going to get some gray hairs?!)

Susan said...

Kate, the sooner you come to town, the better.

Pam, I loved it as well. I don't know why I'm not gray yet. I thought it was because I'd had an easy life but the last 2 years have had some big stressors and I have maybe 3 persistent grays. I have tweezers so that is not a problem! :-) I can't take credit for it so I will thank my lucky genetics.

AKM said...

That store sounds darling! I hope you make lots of sales there!

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