Friday, January 20, 2012

Who's Calling Please?

Yesterday, shortly after lunch, my cell phone rang.  I was driving so I pulled to the curb to talk.  I know, you didn't ask, but I thought this was a nice little opportunity to point out that safety move.

A funny conversation followed.  After I said my "hello" a lady asked to whom she was speaking.  I kind of thought since she called me she should know that but sometimes I've forgotten who I was calling myself so I was nice.  Truthfully, I thought it was someone from Hospice wanting me to cover a shift so my mind was off in a different direction, "Could I work a night shift with so little notice?"

I answered, "This is Susan."  Most of my friends don't actually call me Susan but it really is my name.  When I applied at Hospice they called me that because it was on my application.  Although I answer to a lot of nicknames (Sue Ann, Susie, Bubba, etc.) I am most used to being called Sue, except my relatives usually call me Susie.  I don't mind either but I really never liked being called, "A Boy Named Sue!"  The truth is, I think Susan is the prettiest so at this new job, I just let it be.  That is why I answered, "This is Susan."

The voice on the other end sounded confused as she asked, "Susan who?"  Now, I know that when someone calls and asks your last name you probably should not give it out.  This lady, though, didn't really sound like a salesperson or even a stalker so I gave it.  When she next spoke, her tone was still confused but relaxed and I recognized it!  It was my Aunt Michelle!

My aunt was confused because she had been talking to a technical support person.  We all know how much fun that is!  She'd already answered many, many questions and then was cut off from the person who was "helping" her.  At that point she heard her phone dialing and there I was.  Surprise!  It was kind of a nice surprise for me.  I enjoyed having an unexpected conversation with my aunt!

Cell phones do funny things.  One time I was calling Maria and got a stranger.  At the same moment she received a call from another stranger.  Somehow two calls had crossed!

Even before cell phones most of us had weird phone calls.  One time I had spoken with an older  woman from our church.  That conversation ended and maybe 30 minutes later I went to use the phone.  Someone was on the line but talking in the background!  It turned out that the older woman hadn't quite set the phone in the cradle and we were still connected.  Someone was visiting her and I was then an eavesdropper!  I yelled and yelled to Evelyn but on her end I was a voice too tiny to hear.  I had to hang up and give up using my phone  for awhile.  Every now and then I'd check and yes, Evelyn was still visiting.  Eventually, after her company left, she noticed the phone and hung it up.  Who would've thought that connection would've held on so long?!

And then there are the wrong number funny  moments.  I loved the one that happened to my Mom years ago.  Her phone number was similar to that of the local bus company.  Once, in the middle of the night, she sleepily answered the phone.  Someone asked, "Do you go to Denver?"  Confused, she answered, "Sometimes."

How about you?  Any funny phone stories you'd like to share?


Maria Rose said...

One time a sales guy called and before I could cut him off he asked, "Can you please talk to me for 5 minutes?" Apparently he had 5 minutes left in his shift and was sick of calling and getting angry people. So we chatted for 5 minutes before the end of his shift and he didn't try to sell me anything.

P.S. Who calls you Bubba?

Kate W. said...

I was wondering the same thing, Maria! :)

Susan said...

OK, Bubba is my Worship Team nickname. That may be a story for another post!

Petra said...

Thanks for the laugh! The last one had me rolling!

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