Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tell Me Your Story

I will admit, I was a bit worried after yesterday's post.  I was afraid nobody would be willing to submit to an interview from me.  I was wrong and I am so grateful to my sweet volunteers!  The offer is still open to anyone.  If you are a blogger, I will link your interview back to your blog as well.

Of course I feel I must come up with some rules to  keep good order.  Let's see.... rules....  Oh well.  I will just make one rule.

Rule #1    If I think it is inappropriate, I won't print it.

OK, now that the rules are settled let us continue.  I came up with some questions and topics to get your thoughts going.  You may answer any or all or come up with some of your own.  You may just copy and paste these questions and e-mail your answers to me at or you can just write up whatever you wish about yourself and e-mail it to me.

I would really be happy if you attached a photo or two as well.  It can be a photo of just yourself or of you with anyone else you wish.  Please don't attach professional photos that I shouldn't print.  Casual ones are my preference.  This is one of my personal favorites...

So, we're off!

What is your earliest memory and how old were you?

Tell me something about which you feel passionate.

Tell me something about your childhood.

Tell me of an experience from your past that was incredible or amazing to you.

Tell me your first memory of knowing you were loved.

Tell me something that frightens you.

Tell me something you have accomplished that pleased you.

When you were most recently with a group of people did you feel as though you fit in or not?  Why or why not?

What was your first job for money?

Tell me about your first experience leaving home.

Do you think of yourself as an organized person?  Why or why not?

Tell me of a time you used your creativity.

Is your adult life different than you expected?  If yes, how so?

Is there a particular person who had great influence on you and if so who and how?

Tell me something about your views on spirituality.

Did you go to camp as a child?  If so, do you have any fun stories to share from that time?

If you are married, tell about first meeting your spouse.  Was it love at first sight or did it cook up more slowly?

Tell me about your children.

Tell me something about your time as an adolescent.

Tell me of a time you experienced loss.

What do you do for a living?

What do you currently most enjoy to do with your free time?

Tell me something new you've recently learned.

Is there something new you plan to learn?  If so, what?

Whether I've asked a fitting question or not, tell me anything about yourself that you wish to tell!


Anonymous said...

I was out all day yesterday (meeting 2 blogging buddies!) so I didn't get to read any blogs...but I would LOVE to be interviewed by you!!!

Susan said...

Oh, I'm so excited! Please just write to me by e-mail, answering the questions or writing your own story however you'd like. I will be using them in the order that they are ready!

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