Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Life as an Anarchist

Our family met up at the mall recently.  This is not new.  We do it about once a week for "mall lunch".  Eric was off and got to join us, so that was nice. 

After lunch we were just walking aimlessly about the mall.  Some of the family went in to see the puppies at the pet store but I'm not allowed in there.  Remember, those little visits are how we ended up with Bode! 

I was looking around and I saw a Native American store that I'd never entered.  It looked like they had some cool hand-made things.  They had a sign that said their last day was DIC 31.  I guessed they meant Dec. 31.  Since it was my last chance, I decided to wander in.  Maria came with me and eventually the entire family ended up in there. 

I enjoyed this little store and wished I'd gone in before Christmas as they had some neat gift ideas.  Maria and I chose some bracelets we liked.  This is mine.  It looks like stone but is actually wood.  I like it.

Besides the bracelets, I purchased a little giraffe toy Mike found for Cordelia.  When I was checking out, the man ringing up my total spoke to a woman off to the side in a different language.  She answered him and then he put this purse into my bag...

I asked him about it and he said, "Think of it as a late Christmas gift."  I thanked him and left the store.  When I got out of the store I took the purse out to get a better look.  Maria and Eric laughed when they saw it!  Sam was suspicious, wondering why the guy shoved it into my bag.  Here's what was so funny.  The front of the purse had the symbol for anarchist!  Luckily, I believe I can add a new front!

The funniest part of the story was that this purse from the Native American store had a tag on it that read, "Made in Equador"!


Maria Rose said...

Ha ha mom! I love that you got it!

Emily said...

That is hilarious!

Happy Elf Mom said...

You could wear it as some sort of ironic political statement... that is too funny. Your wooden jewelry is beautiful though!

Pam Brewer said...

Reminds me of when Lenny and I would, on Saturdays, end up at the Food Court at the Mall in Casper for Corndogs and French Fries! Good memories...bad cholesterol!

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