Friday, December 09, 2011

Job 22:21

This is a stressful week, not just for me but for quite a few people in my life.  Sometimes the roughest of times are when a little nugget of wisdom shines the brightest, though.  A friend sent me a verse that I am holding on to.  It is from the book of Job.  I think Job knew a bit about stress, don't you?

Job 22:21, "Agree with God, and be at peace; in this way good will come to you.

So simple.  So true. 


EJN said...

absolutely! have a good day, friend, and praying for you to press through.

Petra said...


elizabeth said...

at the end of Job, God changes Job's circumstances after Job has prayed for his friends. ever since i read that, i have been struck with how important it is to pray for others in the midst of our own trials.

also, Romans 12:12 would be very applicable for your week, i think.

may rich blessings come to all of you through the trials this week.

Pam Brewer said...

What's going on?

Kate W. said...

I love your photo -- makes me homesick! And I have to admit, life would be so much easier, wouldn't it, if we could always "agree with God" I fight that so, sometimes, thinking that *I* know what's best for my life. Perhaps Job knew something about this, and the fact that it brought peace. Thank you for sharing this verse today! I think I needed to hear it. Hope things get better for you and those in your life.

AKM said...

Prayers for you and yours, as always. I hope this will be a great week for you and everyone else!

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