Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday Fun

Friday was probably the best day of the visit this week with Ben and Sara as both were feeling better.  They'd both had sore throats and head colds.  Yesterday afternoon I went to a wildlife museum with them, which I quite enjoyed.  Ben grew antlers and was snatched up by an eagle.  Thanks to Sara, I have the photos to prove it!

We had a nice time.   It was good to be together!

From there we went over to play with Maria and Cordelia.  Ben wanted to make a snowman with Cordy.  Unfortunately, the snow was so powdery it was like trying to make a snowman out of sand.  Ben showed some heroic perseverence, though.

While Ben worked on the little snowman, Sara drew one for Cordy...

Cordelia appreciated both versions of a snowman.  I think she loved having her aunt and uncle there to play with her.  She may not always remember this day but somewhere in her mind I like to think she will always have the knowledge of how much they care for her.

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