Monday, December 19, 2011

Cupcake Water

Our son, Ben, and his wife, Sara, are here.  They live a VERY long ways away so this is a big, big deal.  Saturday they rather spontaneously decided to buy airline tickets and left that same day!  Ben has always kind of rolled that way.  It's nice that Sara can handle that as well!

Ben and Sara are also known for bringing interesting gifts.  Yesterday they arrived loaded with fun and exciting gifts for us all.  One of the cutest was this dress-up hat for Cordelia.  She LOVED it.  It looked lovely matched with the Wonder Pets Cape she was wearing.

Cordy also loved the gift I received...

I think Cordy and I now have a new fun thing to do together.  We spent quite a lot of time drinking water out of these cute cups (the tops come off).  Cordy called it "cupcake water".  She said that cupcake water is delicious!

We're just so happy to have our entire family together again for a few days.  What an unexpected joy! 


Victoria said...

Oh, to be that spontaneous! Love it! Have fun!!

Maria Rose said...

Love you mom!

Pam Brewer said...

What joy to have all the chicks in the nest! It's a mother's job to push them out to be independent, but oh, what joy to have them come home, if only for a visit.

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