Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Windy Day at Hobby Lobby

Recently my aunt and cousin, Michelle and Anne Marie, were in town for an event.  They gave me a call and we got together for a bit.  I also got to visit briefly with Anne Marie's husband and daughter.  First we met at the mall but we quickly migrated to our REAL destination... Hobby Lobby.

Are any of you Hobby Lobbiers?  I LOVE that store!  My mom always wants to go there as well when she is in town.  As she put it, "It is a lovely store full of things that no one really needs."  Well, it is true that it doesn't carry the necessities of life, but sometimes I really think I NEED a certain color of yarn or some new beads for earrings or fabric for a dress or ......  They have SO many things I really, really need... ok, things I WANT. 

My Aunt Michelle was a pretty important person during my elementary school years.  My family moved to the same town in Nebraska where she taught at a college.  I remember lots of times spent following her and my Mom around doing exciting things like touring through new mobile homes for a Sunday outing.  When we'd drive to Wyoming for Christmas or something, Michelle sometimes rode along with us.  For some reason I often had leg aches as a kid and they were especially bad when we were in the car too long.  I remember Michelle massaging my legs to help me feel better. 

Anne Marie is a lot younger than I am so I can remember back to her infancy.  I remember her as being very smart and very spirited.  Our two families did not live close together by then so I only saw her occasionally.

For many years, though, I've mostly only seen Michelle and Anne Marie at my Grandma Rose's house.   Grandma's house was really the gathering place for extended family.  Grandma Rose died just before Christmas last year and since then so much has changed.  We don't have that center to our extended family anymore.  It seemed kind of odd to get together with Michelle and Anne Marie somewhere else, but I mean odd in a nice way.

I'm so very grateful that Michelle and Ann Marie made the effort to call me so that I could see them.  Oddly, it made me feel a little closer to Grandma Rose again.  There is something comforting about being with people who have known you your whole life.  That feeling of connectedness is something I've come to value.

I brought my camera to document the occasion but had left the SD card in my computer.  Duh.  Luckily, Michelle had her camera along and has shared some pictures with me.   Thanks, Michelle!  As she noted, we have the Wyoming Wind hairdos!

Anne Marie and me...

Michelle and me...

Michelle and Anne Marie
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Maria Rose said...

Man I can't believe I missed out on a family visit and a Hobby Lobby trip!

AKM said...

Family rocks! I'm glad I got to see mine last week. It looks like you all had a great time! :-)

Petra said...

"It is a lovely store full of things that no one really needs." Haha, much wisdom here! Glad to see that you are loved. Family is special.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very lovely day, wind-styling aside! Ugh, gorgeous! Have already used some of my Hobby Lobby treasures. It was a quick visit, but a fun one! Next time we'll have to make sure it's not happening during Cordelia's naptime!

:o) Anne Marie

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