Monday, October 31, 2011

Week-end of Fun!

What a beautiful week-end we enjoyed! 

First of all, our carpet installation was completed on Friday!  Yay!  Considering that it took about 4 months, I'm pretty excited.  It looks great, feels great and best of all it is not pluckable.  The fibers remain attached to the carpet!  Yay!  They do not pull out like tiny weeds in soft dirt.  That is something I now know is important in a carpet!  It took 3 tries but we finally have our new carpet.

Then of course we enjoy the St. Louis Cardinals winning  the World Series.  I guess I've probably mentioned that enough for now. 

We were quite the social butterflies, attending 5 or 6 separate gatherings over Saturday and Sunday, in addition to church.  I took my camera to the last event.  A couple from our church invited us all to their farm for a hayride and weiner roast.  There was a pumpkin pinata, horses, apple-bobbing and lots of other fun things.  I was especially delighted because Maria and Cordelia joined.  Cordy had a lot of fun and we enjoyed watching her.  I am pretty sure Maria will be posting some great photos so please check out Little Things are Big.  I have a just a few I must share.

Cordelia and Maria were looking at the cows when Cordy spotted me and came running.  The whole time she was running she kept saying, "Look out for the poop!  Look out for the poop!"

It was sweet of her to warn me.

My man and our little descendent just enjoying a hayride on a lovely October Sunday.

Our daughter, beautiful inside and out...

This little face absolutely melts my heart.

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Maria Rose said...

We had a great time, plus you totally put me over the edge...even better!

Kate W. said...

How fun! Happy Halloween to you all -- looking forward to Cordy costume pictures! :)

Petra said...

Sweet post and beautiful pix. Congratulations on your new carpet!

Anna said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! :)

Susan said...

Thanks! It really was a great week-end...carpet, family time, Cardinals winning...priceless!

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