Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Plans

What are your plans for this day?

As soon as I post this I plan to make pancakes.  I'm HUNGRY!

I plan to go to Walmart before the Saturday crowd arrives.  I only need a few grocery items and some yarn for another poncho project.  I've taken orders for 10 ponchos and a few hats since last Saturday!  I'm on my third one of those but one didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped so I am going to redo it. 

So, I plan to crochet like the wind!

I plan to do laundry.  I'll  likely wash and dry a few loads that will then be plopped on our guest room bed until I am forced to fold them.  I love doing laundry, it is rather magical how yucky, dirty clothes go into machines and come out smelling like a warm Spring day.  However, I hate folding laundry.  Why?  I've no idea.

I will work on my Bible Study by Beth Moore, "Breaking Free".

I will crochet like the wind some more.

I will prepare my lesson for the 3-5yr olds in my Sunday School class.  We are on the letter "F" this week so it will be about fish, either the loaves and fishes story or the fishers of men story.  I'm leaning toward the loaves and fishes story.

I will crochet like the wind some more.

Somewhere during this day I will receive a phone call from my Aunt Michelle.  She will be in town with my cousin, Ann Marie, and her family and I am excited to see them.  They have a tight schedule while here so when she calls I will drop whatever I am doing and go to meet up with them. 

We get to have Cordelia over this evening!  Yay!  That is like the icing on the cake.

After Cordy leaves, you guessed it, I will crochet like the wind!

I hope your day involves interesting projects and people you love as well.  I just hope you don't have to fold laundry.

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Maria Rose said...

Cordelia is already excited!

Victoria said...

I am going to mosaic like the wind!! Have a productive and wonderful day!!

emmy said...

I actually went to Walmart to get pictures for a blog post that I want to write. Then I went to McDonalds for a diet coke and while there, my friend, Beverly called to ask if I would come over to play games with a few friends. It has turned out to be a very enjoyable day.

Petra said...

Haha, I actually did fold laundry. I don't mind it. I'm weird like that. :-)

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