Friday, September 16, 2011

The Little Church

One year we received a sweet Christmas gift from our friend, Gwen.
It was this little cardboard church that was stuffed FULL of candy so when
I say "SWEET" I am being quite literal.

I am sure Gwen had no idea that we'd still have that little cardboard church some 20+ years later!  It has been used over and over and over.
It has travelled mile after mile after mile.
It has been the delight of children in at least three states!

You see, Mike uses this little church quite a bit when he does children's sermons.
He hides little things in it that are pertinent to the talk he is giving and children get excited to discover what he's brought. 
Sometimes it even has candy in it again!
Yes, he is good at making even candy tie-in with his sermon.

When he first started using it for children's sermons he was serving three small churches in three separate counties in Montana.  He'd travel up to 121 miles each Sunday and the little church would sometimes make that trip with him.

When we moved to New Mexico the little church moved as well, delighting little children there for 9 years.

Now, in Wyoming, the little church no longer sits in our house but resides on display in Mike's office.  It still comes to worship service from time to time as well.
One day Maria and I and Cordelia took lunch to Mike and Cordelia got to discover the little church and explore it a bit on her own.

     I don't believe she realized she was holding a family historical piece but she liked it.

This last photo is the uncropped version of the first.  I'm just putting it here so you can ponder why Mike also has a golf ball in his office.


Maria Rose said...

So charming...both the little lady and the golf ball evidence.

EJN said...

It's the little things of life that are such a blessing.
Cordelia is a little cutie pie.
Have a good weekend and a wonderful Lord's day.

Anna said...

So cute!

Have a great weekend!

Theresa said...

So cute! I love it!

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