Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sara's Birthday the Day After

Did you see my great post from yesterday?
Perhaps that is because I never published it!

I'm especially sorry because it was our daughter-in-law's birthday!
I'm so sorry, Sara.
My only excuse is that I suffer from a genetic condition, inherited from my own dear mother, called late birthdayitis.  Eventually I hope that you realize it is just our way of keeping that birthday feeling going by spreading it out over multiple days!

So now, to our beautiful daughter-in-law.......


Happy Birthday WEEK!


Maria Rose said...


Kate Ware said...

LOL! Mary LOVED maxing out her birthday week -- in fact, those last few years, you could say her motto was live life like every day is your birthday! She had so much she wanted to do, so many people she wanted to spend time with. Sniff! Thought I could type that without crying, silly me! :'( Anyways, Michelle has gotten good at that, as well -- I think this year she managed a birthday MONTH! :) Milk it for as long as you can, Sara! Happy Birthday!

Anna said...

That makes me think of Alice in Wonderland..."Happy Unbirthday" ;)

Anonymous said...

Bernys says....

Happy birthday Sara. Here's wishing you a fantastic birthday week!

Much Love, Berny

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