Monday, August 22, 2011

Pizza and PlayDough!

Last night was lovely.
Mom is here and Eric, Maria and Cordelia stopped by.
We ordered pizza, which is an automatic party as far as I am concerned.
Enjoying each other's company, we were still sitting around the table long after we'd had our fill.  That's when Cordy spotted the PlayDough containers on top of the fridge.

Last week, while Cordy was visiting, Sam and I took her to Walmart and one of our purchases was a simple 4 pack of PlayDough.
It is a special 4 pack, though, because it was her first time with PlayDough.
Sam spent time introducing her to it, showing her how to stretch it, roll it and just have fun with it.  She was hooked!
She takes her PlayDough time very, very seriously!

I got it down for her again last night and we all watched her play with it.
Before long, pieces of PlayDough were being handed around the table.
Eventually, I glanced around and smiled, realizing each of us had PlayDough going.
We were having fun... maybe revisiting our own childhoods?

If you have no PlayDough at your house, I think you should get some.  Apparently it is not just for children!  And no, I was not asked to do a commercial for PlayDough and unfortunately I am not getting paid for this little advertisement.



Maria Rose said...

Playdough is AWESOME!

Anna said...

Love the play dough mustache! lol

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