Monday, August 15, 2011

One Issue Voter

I admit it.

I am a one issue voter and I don't apologize for this.

Actually, it has made it easy for me.  I don't even have to pay much attention to most candidates as so few remained on my radar.  After my one-issue eliminating factor was considered, there were few candidates whom I would support.  Normally, I'd believe that candidates should be examined by the entirety of their platforms, but I simply can't ever see myself considering electing someone to office, any office, if their platform supports the right to abortion as a legitimate choice.

I believe that the evil side made a big coupe when people were convinced that abortion was an acceptable choice, that a baby in utero is not a real person... unless of course it is a baby who's mother wants it. 


 I was listening to Ron Paul speak at the Iowa Straw Poll.  Click here if you are interested in hearing what he has to say...  To be honest, I didn't mean to be watching the Straw Poll at all but when I turned on the tv it was on that channel already.  I was about to change the channel when I caught a few of his words.  I had to listen more.

He spoke of a time during his training as a doctor.  He said that he was observing an abortive procedure where a baby was born crying and breathing.  He watched as the staff put the baby off to the side, letting it die.  Later, he was observing a baby, about the same size, born prematurely.  He watched as the staff worked diligently to save that baby.  He realized something was very, very wrong with the discrepancy of treatment for these two babies.

The difference between the two babies?
One was wanted and one was not.

Is that what makes us human, being wanted by someone?

I decided if Ron Paul could display such boldness, so could I.  I've written an article that I hope will catch the interest of others via the internet.  If you are interested, you can read it here:

As I listened to him I remember thinking, "He's sure brave to speak so potently against abortion while running for president."  I also thought, "He doesn't have a chance."
I kept watching, though, and found that he was not the only candidate to do so.

I'm wondering, are the times changing?
Are more and more people realizing that in utero or out, a human is a human?

Dear God, I hope so!

But it does mean I'm going to have to pay more attention now.


Kate Ware said...

Very inspiring Sue. Well written, and to the point. I admire your spunk and determination!! Great job!

Susan S said...

Kate, thanks so much! I really apreciate your loyal following. You've been very good for me!

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