Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have Lopper, Will Lop

Do you know what loppers are?

I did not know.
When my Mom was visiting I was talking about this tree in our backyard.

I know, it looks like a healthy bush.
However, it is actually scrubby stuff that has grown out of the stump from a Russian Olive tree that had to be cut down as it was falling over.  The stump was clean when Summer began, but is now all gangly.  Earlier this Summer I'd planted a raspberry bush nearby and it had virtually disappeared!

Mom then talked to me about her Lopper.
I must've had a dumb look on my face but I really didn't quite know what she meant.
She took me to Home Depot and bought me my own pair.
When I returned home I just could NOT wait to Lop!  I lopped and I lopped and I lopped...

And guess what, there was still a raspberry bush under all that mess!

In my excitement I forgot to photograph the other Russian Olive tree before I took the lopper to it with surgical precision.  Just trust me when I say it had branches all the way to the ground and they'd all grown there just since June!

Now, it looks kind of pretty with its new haircut.

I just went from bush to bush and tree to tree having a grand time.

Unfortunately, now I  have piles all over that look like this...

Nevertheless, I love my lopper!
Thanks Mom!


Maria Rose said...

Awesome! I can't wait to borrow it ;)

EJN said...

Hear, hear! You make me want to get mine out. I'm just waitin' for it to cool down a bit in TN.

Janet, said...

Loppers are nice! I use ours all the time when the limbs are too big for me to tear off with my hands or small snippers. My husband doesn't like it too much when I do this, because I leave a mess in the yard for him to clean up. I'll be doing this pretty soon in my berry patch, cutting out the dead vines. You did a good job, by the way.

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