Monday, August 29, 2011

Bode is Still Bode

One of the first things I got to do this morning was chase after Bode as he gagged.

Why is it that dogs always want to throw up on carpet?

I saw him gagging and sweetly called for him to go outside.  He actually runs right to the door then swerves, zips around the table and over to the carpet, still gagging.

I had to grab him by the collar and drag him out.
That can't feel good but what else can I do?

We made it, at least to the top step.  He couldn't manage to get off the deck but I was grateful to have made it out of the house.  This time is was just a pile of grass but a few days ago this scenario played out with Mike chasing him around the house.  When he finally threw up Mike discovered it was a big chunk of corn on the cob from dinner the night before.  No, I don't mean corn from the cob, I mean corn still ON the cob.

Afterward, he seems just fine...

...and ready to play.

Bode really is getting more pleasant.
He still chews things up but not at such a frantic pace.
Yet, it would still be premature to relax.

When I see what passes through him, I wonder about his chance of survival.
We try to keep things out of his reach.
The garbage is barricaded.
Our high shelves are loaded with things we've plucked from lower locations.

Still, he eats things like sticks.
How can that be good?

I hope he makes it through this stage before he perforates something.


Maria Rose said...

I don't think he would survive in nature.

Kate Ware said...

I just love sweet Bode posts!! Especially when it sounds so much like our Sydnie! The things we go through for our "kids" huh? :) I hope he outgrows this stage soon too -- for your sake! LOL!

Susan S said...

Thanks Kate! And Maria, no he would not. Sam would call it "natural selection" I'm sure.

Jill said...

Oh my goodness - having a dog is as hard work as having kids!! What will he be into next?

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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