Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eternal God, before Your Throne

Eternal God, before your throne we bend,
Your grace to seek, your holy name to bless;
Our grateful hearts in humble praise ascend
To you whose ways are truth and righteousness.
With all the host of heaven we adore
Your matchless holy love forevermore!

Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and our friend,
Whom angels praise before the throne on high:
How vast your love, to love us to the end
And on the cruel cross to bleed and die!
O blest Redeemer, hear your children pray;
O Lamb of God, take all our sins away!

O Holy Spirit, truth and peace divine,
Descend to us in all your saving pow'r,
And kindle flames of love and faith to shine
Within our yearning hearts this sacred hour!
Make plain the Father's will, the Savior's love,
And fit us all to dwell with you above.

Text:  Ernest E. Ryden,, born 1886
Tune: Carl W. Landahl, 1908-1961

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