Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best Friends!

Bode is a bit of a challenge lately!  He is getting bigger but still has the need to chew ANYTHING.  We can't turn our back on him for a second as he is very, very fast!  Last night he jumped up onto the couch, dug his head down behind the cushion and came up with a mouth full of cushion!  I think he swallowed some of the stuffing before I got to him so I suppose we'll be seeing that later.

This morning he just went from one object to the next, biting!  It will be such a relief when he is past this "mouthy" stage.

Eating non food items can be bad for you it seems.  This morning he ran to the top of of the stairs of our entry and threw up.  I grabbed him and threw him outside saying, "This is where you are supposed to throw up."  I couldn't get him down the deck stairs before he threw up more.  I ran back in and cleaned up the mess on the carpet.  By the time I'd returned to the deck, he'd pooped on it as well!  Lovely.

I love it when my daughter, Maria, brings her basset hound, Bumblebee, over to play.  Bode needs a lot of play time and Bum is up for the challenge.  She can wear him out for me today as I am trying to clean house for company this evening.

Bumblebee played with him Saturday for quite awhile.  Bode had such fun!  When she comes over he is just beside himself with excitement.  Eventually, though, they both wear down.  These pictures are from Saturday but I'm hoping for a replay this afternoon...

...love the ears!


Maria Rose said...

We will soon head your way for a play date!

Susan S said...


Anonymous said...

I love your doggies!

Emily said...

That is just too cute!

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