Monday, June 06, 2011

Treasure Hunt

When my daughter,Maria, and I first talked about having a little business, my thoughts mostly centered around the idea of an outlet for pieces we create ourselves.  We both love designing and crafting, but there is just so much we can wear or display in our own homes.  We like to design a WIDE variety of lovelies, ensuring we are never bored with it.

Then one day Maria started talking about incorporating vintage items into our repertoire.  That sounded intriguing!  Maria, with her art history degree and good eye, has learned a lot about vintage and antiques.  She's been teaching me as we go and it has been such fun! 

For one thing, searching for these delightful items takes some time... time together!  Cordelia comes along and gives her opinion as well.  Even when we don't find pieces that fit into our store, we ALWAYS see something interesting, something with an obviously fascinating history.  Sometimes it isn't the items for sale but those people selling them... or fellow shoppers!  We always have a good time and that's what's important.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times.  Maria, Cordelia and I  went treasure hunting! 

You can see how excited we were to head out on our adventure!  Well, Cordelia really wanted to get down and do something else at the time Grandpa snapped this photo, but she got into the spirit later.  We headed to a local antique sale, leaving the men at home to watch tennis.  I think they probably felt bad about being left behind but they held it together and hid their disappointment.

When on such a treasure hunt, there are a lot of items that must be sifted through that do NOT qualify as a treasure.  Well, everyone's idea of treasue can vary but we try to only purchase doo-dads that WE find to be charming.  I notice we are especially drawn to dandies that seem a bit unique or display some sort of visual surprise, but we have also found some appealing classic beauties.

These are all items that will soon be available at Wyoming Rose Boutique, but first we must sort, clean and otherwise tweak to be sure each piece is at its best.  That is part of the fun as well!


Maria Rose said...

I love treasure hunting with you!

Susan S said...

It was fun, huh? More to come!

Anonymous said...

Great finds ladies. I love thrifting! Sadly, while I took 2 Art History classes, I did not learn much about it due to having a bad professor :(

Emily said...

I wish I could have come along with you lovely ladies! Miss you guys!

Susan S said...

Thanks, Nicole! Too bad you don't live in Wyoming as Maria actually teaches an Art History Class.

Emily, yes! Come back and go thrifting with us!

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