Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Tale of the Poor Little Flower

I have three of these matching planters out on our deck.  I planted four flowers in each and am waiting for them to fill out.  I think they'll be lovely.

However, last night I found one of the pots looking like this...

It may be hard to see but there are only three flowers.  The one on the left had been pulled out!  I found it lying on the deck and quickly replanted it, watering it tenderly.  I had hope for its recovery.   I did not see who did this evil deed so I won't name names.

Today I went out and found that the same poor little plant had once again been uprooted. 

It's poor little pitiful body was lying nearby.

The situation didn't look so hopeful this time.

Nevertheless, I couldn't help but try it again. 

Would it be wrong to put this little guy on the prayer chain?

I will keep you posted.


Kate Ware said...

OH, my gosh!! Look at those ears!! He is such a cutie, surely he couldn't be to blame!! I would look to Bum, or even *gasp!* Mike! LOL! Hope the little flower makes it!

BTW . . . I brought home a flat of Lilies of the Valley last fall, dug up from my sisters stash, who got them from my mom, who brought them to WY from IA from HER mom . . . . I have 5 plants. FIVE. Need I post pictures to say more? I feel your pain! ;)

Anna said...

Awwww...poor flower! Your dog is precious!

Susan S said...

He is pretty cute! The little plant is ok today, so far. However, a different one lay on the deck this morning. I think I caught it in time! It's a good thing he's so cute!

Maria Rose said...

Poor thing!

Kate said...

For some reason, Darwin attacks all planted beings Except the eggplants. She avoids eggplant like the plague.

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